Big Busy Bees are children aged 3-4 years. They develop gross and fine motor skills. They begin to develop problem solving skills, reasoning and numeracy in a broad range of contexts. They build a positive sense of themselves and of others, respect for others, social skills and a positive disposition to learn.

What they learn

  • Communication skills in English
  • Positive peer interaction and solving conflicts
  • Learning by exploration
  • Knowledge, facts, basic science and concepts about the world around
  • Math Readiness
  • Phonics awareness
  • Appreciation for music and the arts
  • Fine and gross motor skills

Activities Involved

  • Sensory Time
  • Story Time
  • Water Play
  • Sand Play
  • Music Time
  • Creative Time
  • Puppet shows
  • Outdoor play
  • Nature walks


Daily Routine

8.00 am: arrival, play and small group activities

9.30 am: Music time or play activities

Fun Gym Class with Mr Takeshi on Tuesdays

10.00 am: morning snack

10.30 am: circle time, large or small group activities from IEYC Learning Unit

11.15 am: physical education and outdoor play

12.15 am: lunch

1.15 pm: afternoon nap

3.00 pm: afternoon snack

3.20 pm: Closing circle and IEYC activities;

4.00 pm: free play indoors or outdoors and pick up 􀀯me

6.00 pm: school closes

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