PARENTING BASICS – Power Struggles or Coorepation

Shifting from power struggles to increased cooperation - advice from Claire Lerner, a licensed clinical social worker and child development specialist

Few parents have a natural talent for parenting and always seem to know how to strike the right balance between boundaries and freedom for their toddler or preschooler. At our pre-school we often meet with parents who are devoted and determined to give their best to the relationship with their child but instead their toddler’s behavior at home leaves them exhausted and disheartened. We found the advice from a practitioner Claire Lerner really helpful and enlightening.

Each child comes with their unique temperament, there is no question about that. But children are one side in the relationship, the side that can’t take responsibility for their actions. Parents are the side that can take control, and if something doesn’t sound right the first thing to get examined, according to Claire Lerner, is parents’ expectations.

Re-opening and COVID-19 guidelines

We were happy to welcome children back to school from 26 May after a long COVID-19 break! It isn’t taking long for kids slipped back to their school routine, and we are back to learning and playing, and enjoying greatly the time spent with our school friends. We spend a lot of time in the open air, go for hikes and play, play, play!


Our special measures and policy for the duration of the COVID-19 emergency situation are in this document.

Cheeky Chickens

Throughout the COVID-19 closure the Cheeky Chickens have been busy acquiring new knowledge and skills at home, with the help of their parents. Their teachers are sending each day activities and videos for home learning to cover their current topic Plants and Flowers, math, Jolly Phonics, science, music.

Some of these videos are organized below. The rest you can find in the Science and Music resource pages .

Food and Nutrition

Math Lessons

Jolly Phonics

IEYC Unit Plants and Flowers

Big Busy Bees

Throughout the COVID-19 closure the Big Busy Bees have been busy learning with the help of their parents. Their teachers are sending each day activities and videos for home learning. Our IEYC unit Once Upon a Time helps children become better communicators and learn fascinating things about nature and animals by studying four classic tales.

You can also check out the Science and Music resource pages for more videos

IEYC Unit: The Brilliant Bug Ball

Easter Crafts

Once Upon a Time: The Gingerbread Man

Once Upon a Time: The Turtle and the Hare

Math: shapes, colours, counting

Once Upon a Time: The Three Billy Goat Gruffs

Once Upon a Time: The Enormous Turnip

The Big Turnip Song, Miss Nadya

Little Ladybirds videos

IEYC Unit: Little Movers Make Giant Strides

SROTY TIME with Miss Dani

Playful Puppies story, read aloud by Miss Dani

Peppa Pig Goes To the Zoo, read aloud by Miss Dani

Easter egg prints craft, Miss Sisi

Science – Weather Introduction, with Mr Yavor

Science – Weather 1, with Mr Yavor

Music for LLB and BBB, Miss Nadya

Music for LLB and BBB, with Miss Nadya

Science video lessons

Our fabulous science teacher Mr Yavor has taken the science classes home to children with these short video lessons. It’s not as interactive as it’s in class but you can still experiment, have fun and watch over and over again!

Big Busy Bees – Insects

Cheeky Chickens science classes

Clever Kittens science videos

Little Ladybirds and Big Busy Bees – Weather videos

Music class videos

Music classes

Soap and Water song

Tree Hugger song

Rainbow recipe song

Sun, sun, sun! song

Birds song

Tiny caterpillar song

ICCC group songs and Teddy Bear Picnic song

Favorite songs collection – 1

Favorite songs collection – 2

Online learning for pre-school children: mission possible

It is not the same as being at school for 6 or 10 hour a day, but it helps! With the COVID-19 closure parents are facing challenging times, and we fully sympathize! Our team quickly reorganized to work from home to support parents as much as we can.

After the initial uneasiness – what could we do to help, and how, the ideas and enthusiasm started to flow. Teachers are preparing activities and home projects, recording stories in English and video addresses for children, music lessons, yoga and science classes. Each day parents get an email with instructions and links – they can do some or all of the suggested activities. They can also place video calls to teachers so children can keep their connection with school. It’s not perfect but we are learning and improving each day, and already receiving positive feedback from parents. Let’s all make the best of the situation, enjoy being together with our families and be grateful for what we have!

Art Exhibition

In February ICCC opened a very special exhibition with works of art by our 5 year old artist. For over a month the Clever Kittens explored various artists and styles of painting, drawing and collage. We experimented and created with real inspiration. At the end of our unit called Imagine That! our pre- schoolers and their teachers were so proud and excited to show their beautiful art to our parents who got invited for the opening of the exhibition!

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