The ICCC Board of Parents consists of up to five elected members who are parents of children currently attending the Center. The Board includes a Chairperson, a Treasurer and representatives for each group of children.

Board members are ultimately responsible for the decision-making and management of ICCC and they supervise the budgeting and expenditure of all funds. They also establish the policies that are enforced by staff members. Parents are encouraged to communicate with board members, especially the representative for their child’s group.


Anna Bozarova



Anna has a BSc from Boston University in Business Administration and an MSc in Management from Cass Business School in London. Her professional background is in the field of real estate development and management of commercial projects in Eastern and South Eastern Europe. She has done volunteer work for organizations supporting children with special needs. She is strongly motivated to contribute to the reputation and the growth of the preschool with her work as Board member.

Anna had three boys at ICCC since 2016 and will be resigning as Board Member and Chair in October 2020 since all her children are at school now.