The ICCF Board of Parents consists of five elected members, the majority of whom are parents of children currently attending the Center. The Board includes a Chairperson, a Treasurer and representatives for each group of children.

Board members are ultimately responsible for the decision-making and management of ICCC and they supervise the budgeting and expenditure of all funds. They also establish the policies that are enforced by staff members. Parents are encouraged to communicate with board members, especially the representative for their child’s group.


Angela Richmond-Fuller

Angela is the mom of Imogen in Clever Kittens. She moved to Bulgaria with her family of six in August 2016 and joined the ICCC Board soon after. She has a BE and an MA in TEFL. Her background is in teacher training and eLearning.

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Anna Bozarova




Anna has a BSc from Boston University in Business Administration and an MSc in Management from Cass Business School in London. Her professional background is in the field of real estate development and management of commercial projects in Eastern and South Eastern Europe. She has done volunteer work for organizations supporting children with special needs. She is strongly motivated to contribute to the reputation and the growth of the preschool with her work as Board member.

Anna has two boys at ICCC, five year old Boris (Clever Kitten) and 3 year old Adrian (Big Busy Bee) in 2017/18.


Anja Nolte


Anja Nolte has two children at ICCC, Luan in LLB and Milanka in Clever Kittens. She joined the Board in October 2017.

Dessislav Stanulov


Dessislav is the father of Nicole in the Clever Kittens group in 2017/18. He is motivated to serve on the Board in order to support the ICCC operations, initiatives and policy optimization. He strongly believes that developing children’s creativity should be at the heart of early education and parents and teachers should lead children in this direction.


Tamarra van Hilten


Tamarra is a mother of 4. Her youngest son Owen is enjoying his fourth year at the ICCC in the Clever Kittens group.

Tamarra was born and raised in the UK and moved to the Netherlands in her teens. She has educational experience  as kindergarten teacher, and very diverse business experience, from owning and running a restaurant to currently doing the accounting for her husband’s company. She is also a member of the PTO at her 7 year olds school here in Sofia (BSS). She has a strong desire to be engaged not only in her children’s education, but also in their environment at school. The past few years she has had the chance to get to know many ICCC parents well, and she is looking forward to being a soundboard to any new families, to help out where needed and to be a part of the new board team in 2017/18.