Re-opening and COVID-19 guidelines

We were happy to welcome children back to school from 26 May after a long COVID-19 break! It isn’t taking long for kids slipped back to their school routine, and we are back to learning and playing, and enjoying greatly the time spent with our school friends. We spend a lot of time in the open air, go for hikes and play, play, play!


Our special measures and policy for the duration of the COVID-19 emergency situation are in this document.

Online learning for pre-school children: mission possible

It is not the same as being at school for 6 or 10 hour a day, but it helps! With the COVID-19 closure parents are facing challenging times, and we fully sympathize! Our team quickly reorganized to work from home to support parents as much as we can.

After the initial uneasiness – what could we do to help, and how, the ideas and enthusiasm started to flow. Teachers are preparing activities and home projects, recording stories in English and video addresses for children, music lessons, yoga and science classes. Each day parents get an email with instructions and links – they can do some or all of the suggested activities. They can also place video calls to teachers so children can keep their connection with school. It’s not perfect but we are learning and improving each day, and already receiving positive feedback from parents. Let’s all make the best of the situation, enjoy being together with our families and be grateful for what we have!

Art Exhibition

In February ICCC opened a very special exhibition with works of art by our 5 year old artist. For over a month the Clever Kittens explored various artists and styles of painting, drawing and collage. We experimented and created with real inspiration. At the end of our unit called Imagine That! our pre- schoolers and their teachers were so proud and excited to show their beautiful art to our parents who got invited for the opening of the exhibition!


We love science class with Mr Yavor. He always has exciting science secrets to share with us – we explore polymers, electricity, we make volcanoes, and this week – crystals.

This is what you do to grow your own crystals. First we make the water take as much salt as possible and stir, stir, stir. Water cuts the small table salt crystals down to invisible pieces. When it can’t take any more salt, we have to make it still take more… by heating it. Heat gives extra energy to water so it dissolves the salt better. Once it starts cooling it wants to repel the salt. This is when the crystals form. We dip pipe cleaners in the hot salty water, and after some time our very own crop of crystals will form on the pipe cleaners. Can’t wait!

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