SCHOOL YEAR 2018-2019 (10 September 2018 – 21 June 2019)

SUMMER PROGRAM 2019 (24 June – 30 August 2019)

The annual calendar of important dates and events will help you plan ahead. You can read more about these events and activities at the bottom of this page.

Dates to Remember

10 September 2018 – first school day

7 October  2018 (tbc)– Welcome Barbeque

9 October 2018 (tbc) – Parent Orientation and Annual General Meeting

11 December 2018 – Winter Holiday Party

6-12 February 2019 – Ski School (optional, only children 4 years +)

20, 21 February 2019– parent teacher conferences

6-12 March 2019 – Ski School 2 (optional, only children 4 years +)

7 June 2019 – Learning Celebration Day

17-21 June 2019 – Green School (optional, only children 4 years+)

21 June 2019 – last day of school year


Summer Program

24 June – 19 July 2019

5 – 30 August 2019


School Closures

The dates are subject to change depending on Bulgarian government decisions or at the discretion of the ICCC Board.

6 September 2018 – school closed, Unification Day

24 September 2018 – school closed, Independence Day

24 December 2018 to 1 January 2019 – school closed, Winter Holiday

4 March 2019 – school closed, Liberation Day

26 and 29 April 2019– school closed, Orthodox Easter Holiday

1 May 2019 – school closed, Labor Day

6 May 2019 – school closed, Bulgarian Army Day

24 May 2019 – school closed, Cyrillic Alphabet Day

22 July – 2 August 2019– school closed for summer break



Start of  the New School Year

At the beginning of September we welcome all children in their new groups with their new teachers. September is a transition month when we begin to introduce gradually the activities and sessions in the daily routine to allow children to adapt to the new routine and to a more intense schedule. From October we start the full program to include phonics, math, dance, karate, and other scheduled activities for Cheeky Chickens and Clever Kittens.

Welcome Back Barbeque 

At the beginning of the year we hold a welcome back BBQ. All ICCC families are welcome to this informal gathering to meet new members and spend time together with old friends and ICCC staff.

Parent Orientation Day and Annual General Meeting

At the beginning of the school year parents are informed in details about the school program and the daily routine, the development objectives for each group and the school policies they are required to observe. As a not-for-profit organisation each year we hold an Annual General Meeting to elect new Board Members and review the past year.

Ski School

In February and March we organize one or two weeks of ski training for children 4 years and older. Children are transported to Vitosha Mountain every morning and have 2.5 hours of ski instruction, lunch and return to ICCC. Ski equipment is provided by the school for all children who don’t have their own equipment. The cost of one week of ski school is approximately 250 leva.

Parent-Teacher Conferences in February

These are scheduled one-to-one meetings between parents and teachers to give feed back on the child’s performance and development so far. At the beginning of the month teachers complete formal mid-year progress reports for each child, which are discussed at the meetings. The conference lasts 20 minutes and is scheduled in advance.

Learning Celebration Day in June

On the first Friday of June we hold an Open Day when we invite all parents to join us for the children performance at the end of the school year. We host lunch for children and parents and in the afternoon ICCC closes for staff training.

Green School

Green School is for one week at the end of June. Every day we go to different places in the mountains around Sofia and further out. We visit places of interest, learn interesting facts about nature, practice basic survival skills and play lots of games in the open air.

Green School is optional and is open for children in BBB, CC and CK.  The price is approximately 200 leva per child.


School year calendar