ICCC Membership Fee Information

Membership at ICCC is annual and is based on full or half day attendance. There is a compulsory School Year membership fee for the period September-June and an optional Summer membership fee which can cover the whole summer (July-August) or any period of one week in the summer months.

Fees 2021/2022

Joining fee: 500 GBN (paid when registration is confirmed)

Full membership Sept-June:      11500 BGN (3 installments x 3835 BGN)

Part time membership Sept-June:     7600 BGN (3 installments x 2535 BGN)

Summer membership 8 weeks:       2250 GBN full days / 1500 BGN half days

Summer membership any 1 week:  295 BGN full days / 200 BGN half days

The joining fee is a one off fee paid only for the first member of the family.


The school year membership fee includes all program, materials and resources; morning and afternoon snack are also included.

The fee includes the following extra activities: music sessions; fun gym for LLB and BBB; dance and karate sessions for CC and CK; Science classes for CC and CK; yoga/drama/other classes may be organized at the discretion of ICCC management.

Optional extra activities NOT included in the fee: Ski School and Green School for CC and CK; piano lessons and ballet classes, if available; Extra sport activities in the Summer program

The membership fee can be paid in one installment at the beginning of the year or in 3 equal installments at the end of August, November and February.

There is no discount for longer absences for holidays, health or other reasons. Parents must commit to paying the full membership fee for the school year to keep their place at ICCC.

The Summer membership is optional. ICCC is open throughout the Summer except for two weeks in July/early August.

Extra payments:

Lunch is charged separately if parents opt for catered lunch (recommended by Health authorities). The cost is 5.50 BGN per day.

Ski school, Green School, or additional optional classes/activities (such as piano and ballet lessons, sports outside ICCC, if organized) are charged extra if parents choose to sign up their child. These classes are available for children 4+ years only. The cost covers our partner fees. 

If a child applies and is admitted more than one month after the start of the school year the fee is recalculated proportionally. In all other cases when attendance begins after the start of the school year, to keep your place in the group you will be asked to pay membership fee for the period you miss.

If a child will be leaving ICCC before the end of the school year due to unforeseen circumstances such as family relocation or serious health issues, we require at least one month’s notice. In this case, we can refund the balance of membership fee paid ahead. Notice given after 31 March will not be accepted.

We offer catered lunch. Payment for lunch is added to the membership fee installment based on the number of days in the period. For planned absences parents should notify the office in advance the day before. In such cases we can can reimburse lunch fees for the period of the planned absence. We cannot reimburse lunch fees for unannounced absences.