We accept children between the ages 2 and 5 years old at the start of the school year. It is possible to start at any point in the year if places are available. We have an official waiting list for each group. We accept children on a first come, first served basis, although priority is given to children who speak English (not applicable for LLB) and to children who already have siblings at ICCC.

Attendance is 5 full days or 5 mornings a week (option for LLB and BBB).

We are open throughout the year except for public holidays and two weeks in August when we close for refurbishment and building improvements.

We charge an annual membership fee which consists of a compulsory school year fee and optional Summer fee. Payment can be made in three or four installments equally spread throughout the year.

A one off joining fee is paid upon becoming a member of ICCC.

Families who want to find out more about ICCC are invited to come and do a tour of our facilities, meet with the staff and children. Please contact the office to arrange a visit. We hold “Open House Days” from 10am every second Friday of the month throughout the main enrollment period between March and June.

To make an appointment or to receive up to date information about available places, contact


or tel. +359-879-403677

To apply please fill in our online application form or complete the attached file and and e-mail it back to us.