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Medical Requirements

The following is required by Bulgarian regulations prior to starting pre-school.
1. Results from lab tests for GE bacteria and intestinal parasites, blood and urine test. This should be done the week before starting school. All medical laboratories have the so called ‘starting nursery/kindergarten package’. You must take the full package for nursery if you child hasn’t turned 3 years, or the full package for kindergarten if your child is older than 3 years.
Please note that you must present test results printed and signed by the laboratory. Computer print outs are not accepted.
2. Health card from your GP or Pediatrician
• Your child’s doctor will carry out a regular health check and register on this card the current health status of the child.
• Your doctor will list all vaccinations carried out so far. Please note that Bulgarian regulations do not permit a child in nursery/pre-school unless all compulsory vaccinations for Bulgaria are done. If you need advice speak to ICCC director.
The health card is called in Bulgarian ‘zdravno profilaktichna karta’. It is completed electronically by doctors or you may be asked to buy a pre-printed form from the stationery shop prior to your appointment.
3. Statement from your GP that the child has not been in contact with infectious patients. Don’t forget to request this when you visit your GP.

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