Please read this section carefully. ICCC takes the health of all our children very seriously and we strictly enforce these policies and procedures.

Parents are requested to phone/email the school between 8:30am and 9:30am if a child is unwell and/or will be staying away from school, especially if an infectious disease is suspected.

Please safeguard your child and others by keeping him/her home if they exhibit signs of illness. Children MUST be kept home for the following reasons:

  •  A fever within the last 24 hours. Please keep children home for a minimum of 24 hours following a return to normal temperature.
  • Vomiting the night before or in the morning before coming to ICCC.
  • A rash of unknown origin.
  • Flu symptoms, extreme runny nose, coughing with a temperature, sore throat.
  • Diarrhea.
  • Extreme tiredness or irritability of an unexplained nature.
  • Children with a strep infection should be kept home for 24 hours after they are placed on medication.

If a child appears to be unwell or sick while at school, the ICCC team will request that the child be picked up by a parent or designated caregiver. If a child appears unwell at drop off, we will ask you to return home for monitoring or visit a doctor before returning to school for the day.

We have a pediatrician visiting school weekly for a health screening and checks. We strictly follow her recommendations and ask parent to implement any treatment prescribed, if this may carry a risk for other children, or to see their doctor for a second opinion.

Children having communicable diseases may not return to ICCC until their doctor gives them permission.

Children contracting chicken pox are contagious a few days before the actual lesions erupt. Children are contagious as long as the lesions are forming and are open. They are no longer considered contagious when there are no new lesions and all the old lesions are crusted and dry. Children may return to ICCC after this period and with a certificate from their doctor that they can return to school.

Children with scarlet fever should return to school after permission from the doctor and a negative strep A test result.

Children having head lice should be kept away from school until they have been treated to eradicate the problem. If a teacher finds head lice, ICCC will send the child home. We will also check all other children and inform parents via email.


Although staff members are constantly monitoring children and doing their best to prevent accidents, injuries can happen. We have a protocol in place which involves documenting injuries and notifying parents.

In the event of illness or serious injury at ICCC, staff will:

  • Contact the parent(s) who will collect the child as quickly as possible.
  • Decide whether to summon medical assistance (all staff have been trained in CPR and we have a doctor on call for emergencies).


ICCC staff are prohibited by law to give medication to children.

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