At ICCC the needs of every individual child are embraced. Each child comes to school from unique background and has its own needs, strengths, challenges, and interests. We combine child and teacher directed approaches to learning to help children reach their full potential.

Our curriculum is based on the International Early Years Curriculum (IEYC), supplemented by special programs for Literacy and Math, and exciting arts, music, science, sport and outdoor activities.

Core Curriculum and Extra Activities

An English-speaking Environment

All communication within ICCC is in English and English-language education is the cornerstone of our program. Learning the language is facilitated greatly by the fact that many children at ICCC are from different nationalities and English is the only common language between them.

IEYC approach and learning units

IEYC is a research-based curriculum recognizing global best practice in early childhood education and the developmental needs of children 2-5 years old. It supports key areas of learning through holistic enquiry and play-based approaches that cover all curriculum areas including personal, social and emotional development.

IEYC Personal Goals

Developing the following personal qualities and skills is an essential part of our learning. Adaptability - We are okay with change; Communication - We share and let others share; Inquiry - We ask questions to learn new things; Integrity & Compassion - We are honest, do our best, and help others even when no one is looking; Resilience - We try again, even when it’s hard; Respect - We treat others the way we want to be treated; Thoughtfulness - We think about what we say and do; Cooperation - We work together.

Music and art activities

The arts invite children to imagine, solve problems, express ides and emotions, and make sense of their experience. At ICCC all children are invited to experience and explore different forms of music and art. This happens in free play as well sessions like music, dance, art and craft time.

Literacy and Mathematics

Children are exposed daily to phonics and early math from the youngest age. With children aged 4+ we use Jolly Phonics, a synthetic phonics program for teaching literacy, reading and writing and specialized math resources, like Abacus Evolve, to teach early mathematics skills.

Science classes

Children are encouraged to develop their curiosity about the world around them and to make observations. They are introduced to science through the IEYC units of learning and with special classes from the age of 4+ where they have hands-on science activities on a variety of topics.

Physical Education

Children develop fine and gross motor skills, which involve whole body movement, with different sport activities like Fun Gymnastics and Yoga, Karate and Dance classes. ICCC offers further optional activities like Ballet classes. In the summer children can opt for tennis and football classes, or horse- back riding walks (optional activities are charged extra).

Outdoor activities and field trips

Regular nature walks, outings and field trips complement what we study and bring the learning to life.

Ski Week and Green School

We offer as an option ski training on the slopes of Vitosha mountain in winter and a week in the mountains for Green School education in June when children hike, play and practice basic mountain safety. These activities are paid extra by parents.

Daily Routine

8.00 am: arrival, play and small group activities

9.30 am: circle time and IEYC group activities

10.00 am: morning snack

10.30 am: IEYC/music/math/Jolly Phonic sessions (Cheeky Chickens and Clever Kittens)

11.30 am: physical education and outdoor play

12.00 am: lunch

1.00 pm: afternoon nap (Little Ladybirds and Busy Bees);

Or Relaxing time, music, dance/karate, art, science classes (Cheeky Chickens, Clever Kittens)

3.00 pm: afternoon snack

3.30 pm: IEYC activities; closing circle;

4.00 pm: free play indoors or outdoors and pick up 􀀯me

6.00 pm: school closes

Children should arrive by 9:25 am in time for Circle and other activities.

Children arriving after 9:30 am may disturb activities and will miss important learning opportunities. We ask parents to avoid late arrival.

Children on half day schedule should be picked up by 12:30 pm after lunch..

Children staying the full day must be picked up before 6:00 pm.

Read in our policies section more about daily routines, parent involvement, health related and other important policies. (link to policy and documents page)

Lunch menu (link to lunch menu page)

Visit our FAQ page for more information.

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