21 June – 16 July; 2 August – 27 August 2021
(2 weeks vacation from 19 July – 30 July)

Our program continues after the end of the School Year. In the Summer we spend more time outdoors, offer more sport and regular nature walks. We explore topics that offer plenty of summer fun and excitement. We learn about pirates and treasures, explore sand and water, and ‘travel’ to interesting places around the world.

We continue with our music classes three times a week with added focus on learning about famous composers and listening to well known classical music pieces.

We offer extra activities to children 4+years, such as tennis/football outside school, horse riding and science classes. These activities are optional and charged separately.

Membership in the Summer program is limited and open for current students in 2020/21 and for new children enrolled at ICCC for School Year 2021/22. Siblings who are under 6 years are admitted depending on availability of spaces.

Summer membership fee 2021: 1900 BGN full days / 1350 BGN mornings only for the full program (8 weeks).

Weekly Summer membership fee 2021:  260 BGN full time/ 185 BGN mornings only.

Catered lunch can be provided upon request at 5.50 BGN per day. Mid-morning and afternoon snacks are included in the membership fee.

Summer Program