Snezhana Daneva

Snezhana is Director ICCC from September 2010. She joined ICCC after a diverse career at the British Council in Sofia and in London.

Snezhana has MA in English and American Studies from Sofia University and a Management Diploma from Open University, UK. Since her children were born she has taken a keen interest in early child development and prior to joining ICCC has worked as a volunteer with NGOs in this area. She believes that children should be treated with love and respect to become healthy, happy and confident individuals who are able to love and respect others.


Daniela Tomova

Miss Dani joined ICCC in 2006. Before that she worked for several years as a teacher of children aged 3 to 9 years. She has a Master in Pre-school Education from Sofia University and has attended courses in UK in teaching English to very young learners.

Deliana Strashimirova

Miss Deli finished the French High School in Sofia and then graduated Sofia University with a Bachelor Degree in Pre-school Education. She joined our team in 2008 and is a third generation teacher in her family. She is a gifted artist and has attended professional art courses.

Diana Radonova

Miss Didi has a degree in Foreign Language Teaching for Elementary School from Sofia University. After spending time in the USA she returned to Bulgaria and joined ICCC in 2006. She has more than fifteen years professional experience in elementary school and pre-school.

Doroteya Shunina

Miss Dora has a degree in Japanese Studies and is currently doing a Masted Degree in Pre-school Education. She has extensive experience looking after children aged 2 to 11 and teaching English and Japanese to children and adults. She joined our team in 2012.

Krassimira Popova

Miss Krassi graduated in 2001 with a Master Degree in Psychology from Sofia University. She joined our team in October 2006.

Nevena Pavlova: Prior to joining ICCC in 2018 Miss Nevena worked with primary school children for four years. She has a degree in Primary School Education.

Ralitsa Bogdanova

Miss Rali went to an English Language secondary school and has a degree in Social Pedagogy from Sofia University. She joined ICCC in 2008 after living and working in the United States.

Simona Tochkova

Miss Simona joined our team in 2010. She has lived and worked in Toronto, Canada for 9 years. She completed her Pre-School Education studies at Sofia University in 2013 and a Master Degree in Educational Management in 2015.

Stela Andonova

Miss Stela joined ICCC in 2007. She has a Degree in Pre-school Education from the University of Sofia.

Teacher assistants

Dimana Shtereva: Miss Dimana graduated Theatre and Drama in 2016 and has worked with young children in after school centers for over a year before joining our team in 2017.

Gergana Popova: Miss Geri is and artist and graphic designer by profession. She has taught art classes to young children.

Priti Clark: Miss Priti joined in 2017 as teacher assistant to the toddler group. She has experience working with young children abroad.

Extra curricular teachers

Nadejda Miteva: Music teacher

Nadya comes to ICCC three times a week for music lessons with each group. She plays piano and guitar and teaches singing. Nadya graduated from the National Musical School and is now a student of Music in Sofia St. Clement Ohridski University. She performs at festivals and concerts in Sofia and around Bulgaria.

Vesselin Panayotov: Karate teacher

Vesko is a Shotokan karate instructor from the Bushido Club Sofia. He has karate classes with the Clever Kittens and the Cheeky Chickens twice a week in the afternoon.

Lily Peichevska: Dance teacher

Lily has plenty of experience working with young children in dance centres and kindergartens.


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