Below are testimonials from past and current ICCC family members:

‘My daughter joined ICCC 2,5 years ago and my son half a year ago. I know and feel my kids are in a loving and caring environment which is most important to me! The teachers are invaluable. The building and the playground/garden are in great condition and well maintained. And I appreciate a lot the continuous effort to update and rethink the current way of playing and learning, with the idea that change can only make you better. This all makes ICCC outstanding!’

Els, Belgium; two children, three years at ICCC 
‘I am very glad we found ICCC last year when I was thoroughly searching for a kindergarten and every day I am more and more certain I couldn’t have found a better place in Sofia. ICCC is a safe place with excellent organization, warm and welcoming teachers, who manage to crеate variety of activities and enrich the experience of the kids through their daily activities at school and regular outings. The staff is sensitive and flexible to the needs of the parents and kids, very open and kind. My son had a quick adaptation, faster than what I expected. The atmosphere is great for having fun but well structured for some learning as well. The social interactions between the kids are well led and moderated to instill tolerance, sharing and respect, which is done in the best possible way – by example and through the teacher’s own attitude. I am very grateful to the ICCC team for all the work they have been doing.’
Emilia, Bulgaria; one child, two years at ICCC
‘My son started at ICCC when he was two but then we moved him to another school because we had to travel too long. A few months later it was clear that he was not happy so we moved to Dragalevtsi and he could join ICCC again. ICCC is the ideal place for our son – everyday creativity work, learning through thoughtfully-planned activities, very often outings, ski school, water activities, music, karate classes etc. He really enjoys it! Teachers, who understand every child’s individual need and know how to deal with it, are always open to talk. We are more than happy that our son has possibilities to learn from such tolerant, open minded and professional persons as ICCC’s teachers.  It’s friendly and creative environment for him to develop in early stage of his life!
Svetlana, Serbia; 1 child, three years at ICCC
‘My two children each spent four years at ICCC and loved each day there. The teachers created a secure, caring, and enriching environment for the children where they could have fun but also learn. Both my kids left ICCC extremely well-prepared for kindergarten. Moreover, they were great skiers after a few years of ICCC ski school! What more could we ask for? ‘
Dana, USA; two children, five years at ICCC
‘Two of my kids went to ICCC. At the beginning neither of them spoke English, yet the teachers managed to make them feel welcomed and secure. Their language skills improved rapidly and after a few months they could take full advantage of the various programs offered at the school. The caring environment, the fun extracurricular activities and the inspiring craft sessions made ICCC the ultimate fun place for them.’
Gabriela, Hungary; two children, two years at ICCC 
I would like to share with you how much our daughter has benefitted from her time in ICCC. Besides the fun and joy she had, which I also see with the two boys, I could see that Lieve got a good preparation at the ICCC for her first steps in the AAS.’
Alexander, Netherlands; three children, three years at ICCF 
‘The ICCC gives children a strong foundation for school.  By introducing children to reading and writing through the Jolly-phonics programme they have a very easy start to ‘real’ school.  All the teachers at the ICCC are very dedicated to their jobs and the happiness of the children is a priority to all, which makes for a warm and loving environment.  The kids loved the summer co-curricular activities such as ‘green school’, tennis and football as well as the all-year activities like dancing and karate.  My daughter spent a very happy 3 years at the ICCC and I would highly recommend this foundation to any parent.’ 
Nina, Germany; one child, three years at ICCC
‘ICCC has been by far one of the best things about our five years in Bulgaria. Our children have blossomed from shy two year olds to confident and creative five year olds more than ready for primary school. The teachers are gifted professionals who were clearly born to work with young children. They are kind, patient and caring and greet our children with warm smiles and enthusiasm each and every day. Add that to the peaceful setting in the foothills, the strong environmental program, and the Director’s superb leadership and you cannot find another place like it. ICCC is unique and special and I cannot imagine life in Sofia without it. “ 
Kelly, USA; two children, four and half years at ICCC.

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