Interview with the director of Iccf

New School Year – Interview with ICCC Director

The International Children’s Creative Center (ICCC) in Sofia, Bulgaria, is here to help local and expat families.  Children find a safe place to adjust, learn and feel at home here. 

Interview with the director of Iccf

At the beginning of the new school year ICCC celebrates 25 years. Snezhana Daneva, Director since September 2010, tells us more about what this kindergarten in Sofia, Bulgaria offers. What makes it a special place for children and families?

Hello Mrs. Daneva, can you tell us more about what makes ICCC exceptional for the children and their parents?

Every aspect of life at ICCC is special – if I have to single out one thing – we are like one big family. Our teachers create a truly warm and caring environment. Also we are constantly looking to improve. Our families bring diverse cultures, experiences, and very high expectations so naturally we set ourselves high standards.

What is also special about our pre-school is that parents and staff are partners. Not just in the day-to-day life and learning of children but in the management of ICCC through the Parent Board who represent the parent community in the policy and decision making.

What is your educational philosophy?

Pre-school education is so special! It is about sowing seeds – the seeds of love and care for people and the environment, the seeds for respect and cooperation, the seeds for learning. In early years teachers sow the seeds with love, patience and professional knowledge.

Young children learn all the time through their daily experiences – they learn to understand and manage their emotions, to communicate effectively, to move confidently and safely, to manipulate and explore objects and materials. They study how to make discoveries and make connections about things around them.

Unlike in ‘big school’, teachers can’t pack this knowledge into structured lessons because children can’t ‘sit down and learn’ when you want them to. Every pre-school teacher knows that children gain information when they are curious and interested. The job of the teacher is to support them when it happens – to capture the interest, spark that curiosity and provide rich opportunities for interactions that naturally lead to learning.  

In the same way, the teacher should support children to be independent and competent socially, emotionally and physically. Teaching children strategies to solve conflicts, look after their physical and emotional needs. This is a very important shift – support rather than direct, offer children strategies rather than do something for them. This is the direction we follow at ICCC, and it is a long journey, but totally worth it.

What is the most rewarding aspect of being a kindergarten director?

I see my role as helping children, their families and my staff feel safe, happy and confident.

I often say that I have the best of both worlds – I work equally with teachers, parents and children. I am so lucky to interact with children every day, to have conversations with them, laugh with and help them. At the same time I have my ‘adult world’ responsibilities and communication, and this is a great and rare balance I can enjoy in my work every day. A smile or a hug by a small child brightens my day!

How do you prepare both parents and children for their first entry into the kindergarten?

For young children who haven’t been separated from home yet, starting school is like jumping from a cliff. They are thrown into the unknown which, naturally, is very distressing. I always explain to parents what their child is likely to experience and how to support them. We want them to trust us, to have confidence in the process and how we handle it.

Our strategy for the start, when new children transition from home to school, is to have a very short stay in the first week, and gradually increase the hours as they become more confident and comfortable.

But before we get to this stage it is important to establish connection with the new families and find out what they want for their child, and if we are looking in the same direction. We are partners, we need to build trust which rests on common values like respect, open mindset, international mindedness, etc.

Who is your favorite children’s book author, and why?

Julia Donaldson, Valerie Thomas with her Winnie The Witch series, Eric Carle, David Shannon, Anna Dewdney and many more. We have a rich library at ICCC, and children love listening to the stories we read every day.

It is a tradition at ICCC for children to donate a book for school on their birthday, and we also have parents come and read a favorite book. This is how we discover new authors and books.

How would you describe the perfect day in ICCC?

No accidents! On a more serious note, a perfect day means a good buzz in each classroom with  children busy playing; happy noise from the playground; a happy reunion and a good word from parents at the end of the day.

What would be your inspirational message for the children and their parents?

Trust play! Playing is the key to high quality learning. Trust your child, they are able to do amazing things. Value every moment spent with them. Give them your best because all paths in their lives start from childhood. And you won’t notice how quickly it ends!

Daily Routine

8.00 am: arrival, play and small group activities

9.30 am: circle time and IEYC group activities

10.00 am: morning snack

10.30 am: IEYC/music/math/Jolly Phonic sessions (Cheeky Chickens and Clever Kittens)

11.30 am: physical education and outdoor play

12.00 am: lunch (see our monthly menu)

1.00 pm: afternoon nap (Little Ladybirds and Busy Bees);

Or Relaxing time, music, dance/karate, art, science classes (Cheeky Chickens, Clever Kittens)

3.00 pm: afternoon snack

3.30 pm: IEYC activities; closing circle;

4.00 pm: free play indoors or outdoors and pick up 􀀯me

6.00 pm: school closes

Children should arrive by 9:25 am in time for Circle and other activities.

Children arriving after 9:30 am may disturb activities and will miss important learning opportunities. We ask parents to avoid late arrival.

Children on half day schedule should be picked up by 12:30 pm after lunch..

Children staying the full day must be picked up before 6:00 pm.

Read in our policies section more about the daily routines, parent involvement, health related and other important policies (www://

Lunch menu (

Visit our FAQ page for more information.

Lunch menu


20-24 November 2022

Zucchini cream soup with buckwheat
Lasagna with turkey ham and vegetables, cucumber salad

Turkey and vegetables soup
Mussaka, yoghurt

Red lentil cream soup 
Breaded fish, mixed rice with peas, cucumber salad

Tomato cream soup
Chicken fillets with sesam, baked carrots and potatoes, cucumber and tomato salad

Squash cream soup
Turkey meatballs, couscous, carrot and cabbage salad salad

28 Nov – 2 Dec 2022

Turkey and vegetable soup
Pan fried yellow cheese, root vegetable mash, cucumber salad


Squash cream soup 
Honey and mustard marinated chicken steak, couscous, tomato salad

Turkey and vegetable soup
Fish fillets, mixed rice with corn and peas, carrot and cabbage salad

Spinach and cheese cream soup 
Oven baked tender beef with sauce, rice noodels, fresh leave salad

Fish and vegetable soup
Turkey meatballs, saute potatoes, tomato and cucumber salad

5-9 December 2022

Beef and vegetable soup
Spaghetti with sauce Bolonese and parmesan, cucumber salad

Tomato cream soup
Beef kebab with rice and tomatoe sauce; cucumber salad

Cauliflower and carrot cream soup
Breaded white filleted fish, cous cous; carrot salad

Bean cream soup
Chicken with mixed rice, grean leaf and cucumber salad

Chicken and vegetable soup
Mussaka with minced beef, quinoa,carrots and zuchinni; yoghurt

12-16 December 2022

Meetballs and vegetable soup
Lasagna with turkey ham and vegetables, tomato and cucumber salad


Vegetable cream soup with carrots and zucchini 
Stuffed green peppers with rice and mince, yoghurt

Red lentil cream soup
Salmon, potato mash, carrot and cabbage salad

Spinach and cheese cream soup 
Chicken fillets, couscous, cucumber salad

Squash cream soup
Turkey meatballs, mixed rice, cucumber salad

19-21 December 2022

Zucchini cream soup with buckwheat
Pasta fusili with carrot sauce and parmesan, cucumber salad

Turkey and vegetables soup
Mussaka, yoghurt

Red lentil cream soup 
Breaded fish, mixed rice with peas and corn, cucumber salad


PARENTING BASICS – Power Struggles or Coorepation

Shifting from power struggles to increased cooperation

Children on playground

Few parents have a natural talent for parenting and always seem to know how to strike the right balance between boundaries and freedom for their toddler or preschooler. At our pre-school we often meet with parents who want to give their best in the relationship with their child. But instead, their toddler’s behavior at home leaves them exhausted and disheartened.

Here are a few tips about  traps parents should avoid. The advice is from our experience with many children and families at ICCC, and from practitioner Claire Lerner, a licensed clinical social worker and child development specialist.


We found really helpful and enlightening the advice practitioner Claire Lerner gives parents.

Each child comes with their unique temperament, there is no question about that. But children are one side in the relationship, the side that can’t take responsibility for their actions. Parents are the side that can take control, and if something doesn’t sound right the first thing to get examined, according to Claire Lerner, is parents’ expectations.

Cheeky Chickens

Throughout the COVID-19 closure the Cheeky Chickens have been busy acquiring new knowledge and skills at home, with the help of their parents. Their teachers are sending each day activities and videos for home learning to cover their current topic Plants and Flowers, math, Jolly Phonics, science, music.

Some of these videos are organized below. The rest you can find in the Science and Music resource pages .

Food and Nutrition

Math Lessons

Jolly Phonics

IEYC Unit Plants and Flowers

Big Busy Bees

Throughout the COVID-19 closure the Big Busy Bees have been busy learning with the help of their parents. Their teachers are sending each day activities and videos for home learning. Our IEYC unit “Once Upon a Time” helps children become better communicators and learn fascinating things about nature and animals by studying four classic tales.

Learning happens all the time at school – when children play together or by themselves, and when they get involved in activities prepared by the teachers.

You can also check out the Science and Music resource pages for more videos

IEYC Unit: The Brilliant Bug Ball

Easter Crafts

Once Upon a Time: The Gingerbread Man

Once Upon a Time: The Turtle and the Hare

Math: shapes, colors, counting

Once Upon a Time: The Three Billy Goat Gruffs

Once Upon a Time: The Enormous Turnip

The Big Turnip Song, Miss Nadya

Little Ladybirds videos

IEYC Unit: Little Movers Make Giant Strides

SROTY TIME with Miss Dani

Playful Puppies story, read aloud by Miss Dani

Peppa Pig Goes To the Zoo, read aloud by Miss Dani

Easter egg prints craft, Miss Sisi

Science – Weather Introduction, with Mr Yavor

Science – Weather 1, with Mr Yavor

Music for LLB and BBB, Miss Nadya

Music for LLB and BBB, with Miss Nadya

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Сдружение Международен Детски Център Криейтивити (“ICCC”)



International Children’s Creativity Center (“ICCC”)

ICCC е администратор на Вашите лични данни, които получава от Вас във връзка с (i) осъществяването на целите на ICCC и услугите по полу- и целодневна грижа за деца на възраст от 2-6 години, както и (ii) използването на интернет страницата ни – (“Сайта“).

Тъй като се отнасяме отговорно към Вашите лични данни и в съответствие със законовите разпоредби, бихме искали да Ви (“Вие“/”Вас“/”Ваш/и“) информираме за какво ги използваме, как ги обработваме, кой има достъп до тях и т.н..

ICCC is the data controller of your personal data that it receives in connection with (i) the implementation of the purposes of ICCC for half and full day care services for children aged 2-6 years, and (ii) the use of our website – (the “Site“).

Since we treat your personal data responsibly and in compliance with the legal provisions, we would like to inform you (“You“/”Your/s“) about the purposes for we use such data, how we process the data, who has access to it etc.

Кандидатстване за прием Admission Application
Във връзка с желанието Ви Вие и Вашето/Вашите дете/деца да станете част от общността на ICCC, Вие попълвате формуляр за кандидатстване, достъпен на Сайта. Информацията (като Вашите и на детето/децата имена, националност, дата на раждане, телефони и имейл за контакт, познания по английски в семейството), която изискваме от Вас ни е необходима за да: (i) поддържаме комуникация с Вас, (ii) преценим към коя възрастова група може да се присъедини/нят детето/децата Ви, (iii) поддържаме квотата от чужденци в общността, съобразно нашата политика, както и за да (iv)  преценим нивото на английски на Вашето/Вашите дете/деца.

Така описаните лични данни се използват и пазят от нас при постъпването Ви като член на ICCC и приемане на Вашето/Вашите дете/деца при нас и се обработват, докато Вие и детето/децата е/са част от нашата общност, но не повече от 5 години след този срок, с цел да защитим всички наши правни интереси.

Ако не можем да Ви предложим членство или Вие се откажете в последствие от кандидатстване и/или по някаква друга причина контактите с ICCC се преустановят на ниво кандидатстване, то ние пазим Вашите лични данни не повече от 12 месеца след този срок, с оглед на евентуалното Ви бъдещо членство, след което ги изтриваме/унищожаваме в най-бързи срокове.

In connection with Your desire You and Your child/children to become part of the ICCC community You fulfill and application form, which You can find on our Site. The information (such as Your names and the names of Your child/children, nationality, date of birth, phone numbers and e-mail, as well as knowledge of English in the family) which we require from You is needed in order to: (i) keep in touch with You, (ii) estimate which age group Your child/children can join, (iii) maintain the quota of foreigners in the community, according to our policy, as well as to (iv) estimate the level of English knowledge of Your child/children.

The personal data described above is used and maintained by us upon Your entry as a member of the ICCC and the acceptance of Your child/children, and is being processed while You and the child/children is/are part of our community but no more than 5 years after this deadline, in order to protect all our legal interests.

If we cannot offer You а membership or You subsequently opt out of application and/or for some other reason the contacts with ICCC are suspended at application level, we keep Your personal data for no more than 12 months after this period, in view of Your possible future membership. After that we delete/destroy such data in the shortest time possible.

Информация за родители и деца при постъпване в ICCC Information about Parents and Children when Entering ICCC
При прием на родител и съответно дете/деца в общността на ICCC, освен гореописаните данни, изискваме от Вас и данни за здравословното състояние на детето/децата (като алергии или други сериозни заболявания, които могат да се проявят при престоя на детето в ICCC), имунизационни данни и изследвания (съобразно изискванията на българското законодателство).

Също така правим снимки на децата от общността за различни цели (изготвяне на ежегоден справочник с кратка информация за всяко едно семейство, ежеседмичен нюзлетър, отразяване на събития и други).

Личните данни от тази категория се пазят до постигане на целите за обработка, което обикновено означава докато детето/децата е/са част от нашата общност и не повече от 5 години след това. По отношение на снимките – те се изтриват също и веднага след оттеглено от Вас съгласие за обработка, както е описано тук по-долу.

When accepting a parent and child/children in the ICCC community, besides the above data, we also require You to present certain health status data about the child/children (such as allergies or other serious illnesses that may occur during your stay at the ICCC premises), immunization data and tests (according to the requirements of the Bulgarian legislation).

We also take pictures of children from the community for different purposes (preparing an annual directory with brief information about each family, weekly newsletters, coverage of events, etc.).

Personal data in this category is kept until the purposes for the processing are met, which usually means while the child/children is/are part of our community and no more than 5 years thereafter. Pictures are deleted after You have withdrawn Your consent for processing, as described hereunder.

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Сайтът ни използва логове свързани със сигурност, техническа поддръжка, развитие, сървърни логове и др. Една част от тях могат да съдържат информация като IP адрес, URL, браузър, устройство. Във всички случаи такава информация се съхранява по начин, който да затруднява Вашето идентифициране.

Имайте предвид, че нашия Сайт може да съдържа връзки към други интернет страници. Ние нямаме контрол върху тези други интернет страници и поради това не носим отговорност за защитата и поверителността на каквато и да е информация, която предоставяте, докато ги посещавате.

Данни от Сайта ни се пазят за период от максимум 50 дни и после автоматично се изтриват.


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При прием и осъществяване на нашите услуги ние обработваме Вашите лични данни въз основа на договорните ни отношения с Вас, обективирани чрез заплащането на определените от нас членски вноски и подписването на съгласие с условията на услугите, които членството в сдружението предоставя. Здравна информация за децата изискваме от Вас на законово основание.

При използването и публикуването на снимки на Вашето/Вашите дете/деца ние обработваме тези лични данни единствено и само ако сте дали своето изрично съгласие за подобна обработка, чрез подписването на нарочна декларация за съгласие, в съответствие с действащото европейско и национално законодателство. Такава обработка се извършва само и докато това съгласие е валидно и не е оттеглено от Вас.

При използването на Сайта обработваме данните Ви на основание нашия легитимен интерес да получим Вашата лична информация, автоматично събрана от използването на Сайта. В противен случай е възможно да не успеете да използвате (всички функционалности на) Сайта, а ние да не можем да Ви предложим активна и качествена информация през него.

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Ако е законосъобразно и съгласно нашия легитимен интерес е възможно да предоставим Ваши данни и на нашите правни, ИТ или други консултанти за конкретен случай, за определено време, необходимо за осъществяване на консултацията и само ако действително е необходимо.

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“Бисквитките” (cookies) са малки текстови файлове, които се поставят на Вашия компютър от интернет страниците, които посещавате. Те са широко използвани, за да могат тези страници да работят или да работят по-ефективно, както и да предоставят информация на техните собственици. Бисквитките, които се използват от нашия Сайт са необходими, за да можем да осигурим и подобрим нашите услуги и да останем конкурентни. Бисквитките не се споделят с трети страни.

Повечето уеб браузъри позволяват да се контролират бисквитките чрез настройките на браузъра. За да научите повече за “бисквитките”, включително как да видите какви бисквитки са били настроени и как да ги управлявате и изтривате, посетете:

“Бисквитки” на Сайта

За да направим Сайта ни привлекателен за посетителите и да позволим използването на определени функции, ние също използваме “бисквитки” на различни страници. Те ни позволяват да възстановяваме информация за потребителите на Сайта, като ги идентифицират и позволяват проследяване на действията им, интернет страниците, които посещават, хипер-връзките, които използват, информацията, която ползват и записват и други. Повечето от “бисквитките”, които използваме, се изтриват в края на всяка сесия на браузъра. Другите “бисквитки” остават на крайното Ви устройство и ни позволяват да откриваме браузъра Ви следващия път, когато посещавате Сайта (постоянни “бисквитки”). Можете да настроите браузъра си, за да Ви информира, когато “бисквитките” се пазят, за да можете да решите дали да приемате някой “бисквитки” отделно или никога да не приемате “бисквитки”. Трябва да имате предвид обаче, че ако решите да не приемате “бисквитки”, функционалността на Сайта ни може да бъде ограничена.

“Бисквитки” на трети страни

Възможно е нашия Сайт да използва функции от други интернет страници, които могат да оставят “бисквитки”. Това са “бисквитки” на трети страни и не можем да ги блокираме или предотвратим, без да премахнем съответната функция от нашия Сайт. За информация относно тези “бисквитки” ще трябва да проверите страницата на инициатора за неговите правила за “бисквитки”.

Информация за Google Аналитики

Нашият Сайт използва Google Аналитики за наблюдение и отчитане на използването нейното ползване, като например броя посетители, търсените фрази, които са били използвани, посещаваните страници в нея и времето, прекарано в Сайта. Събраната статистика е необходимо условие, за да осигурим и подобрим нашите услуги и да останем конкурентоспособни. “Бисквитките” събират информация в анонимна форма и не идентифицират потребители, нито свързват Вашия IP адрес с информация, която може да бъде идентифицирана лично. Ние използваме тази информация, за да съставим отчети и да ни помогне да подобрим Сайта ни.

За повече информация вижте тук. Може да се откажете от проследяването чрез Google Аналитики във всички интернет страници на този сайт –

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IEYC Personal Goals

Personal Goals

“The Personal Goals underpin those individual qualities and learning dispositions we believe children will find essential in the 21st Century.” – Fieldwork Education

Through our daily life and learning we provide children with opportunities to experience, further develop and reflect on the personal goals. We read books, role play and reflect on children’s behavior, and use real life situations to motivate and encourage children.

There are 8 Personal Goals we work towards:

  • Adaptability – Be ready to change
  • Communication – Give and receive information
  • Cooperation – Learn as a team
  • Enquiry – Find out more
  • Morality – Make responsible choices
  • Resilience – Keep trying when it gets difficult
  • Respect – Think about others
  • Thoughtfulness – Try new ideas

Summer Program


Our program continues after the end of the School Year. In the Summer we spend more time outdoors, offer more sport and regular nature walks. We explore topics that offer plenty of summer fun and excitement. We learn about pirates and treasures, explore sand and water, and ‘travel’ to interesting places around the world.

We continue with our music classes three times a week with added focus on learning about famous composers and listening to well known classical music pieces.

We offer extra activities to children 4+years, such as tennis/football outside school, horse riding and science classes. These activities are optional and charged separately.

Membership in the Summer program is limited and open for current students in 2020/21 and for new children enrolled at ICCC for School Year 2021/22. Siblings who are under 6 years are admitted depending on availability of spaces.

Summer membership fee:

Full program (8 weeks): xxx BGN full days / xxx BGN mornings only.

Weekly Summer fee:  xxx BGN full time/ xxx BGN mornings only.

Catered lunch can be provided upon request at xxx BGN per day. Mid-morning and afternoon snacks are included in the membership fee.


Do you have questions?
Call or visit us.

+359 879 403 677

Address: 20, Akademik Hristo Hristov Str., Dragalevtsi, Sofia 1415

Monday – Friday:
08:00 AM – 06:00 PM

Application Form




    *ATTENDANCE PLAN: 5 full days5 mornings (LLB and BBB only)



    *What language(s) is /are spoken at home?

    *Does your child speak English?

    *Does father speak English?

    *Does mother speak English?

    Have you already visited ICCC?

    If yes, when did you visit? If not, are you able to visit and when?

    Has the child been in a nursery / pre-school before? YesNo

    If yes, please give details below:

    HEALTH: Please indicate any medical concern of which the centre should be aware of (allergies, illness, medication, etc.)

    How did you hear about ICCC?

    ICCC Membership is annual and is paid in full for the school year in attendance (September – June). Attendance in July and August is optional. When a child joins after the start of the school year the fee is calculated proportionally. There is no discount for longer absences for holidays or other reasons.

    ICCC is open 12 months a year between the hours of 8.00a.m. to 18.00p.m.. While all care and attention will be given to safeguard the children during these hours, the Center will not be responsible for any injury caused beyond the control of staff. No responsibility will be taken outside working hours.

    ICCC admits children based on space availability and age. Priority is given to siblings, English native speakers and expat families.


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