Big Busy Bees are children aged 3-4 years. They develop gross and fine motor skills. They begin to develop problem solving skills, reasoning and numeracy in a broad range of contexts. They build a positive sense of themselves and of others, respect for others, social skills and a positive disposition to learn.

What they learn

  • Communication skills in English
  • Positive peer interaction and solving conflicts
  • Learning by exploration
  • Knowledge, facts, basic science and concepts about the world around
  • Math Readiness
  • Phonics awareness
  • Appreciation for music and the arts
  • Fine and gross motor skills

Activities Involved

  • Sensory Time
  • Story Time
  • Water Play
  • Sand Play
  • Music Time
  • Creative Time
  • Puppet shows
  • Outdoor play
  • Nature walks


Daily Routine

8.00 am: arrival, play and small group activities

9.30 am: Music time or play activities

Fun Gym Class with Mr Takeshi on Tuesdays

10.00 am: morning snack

10.30 am: circle time, large or small group activities from IEYC Learning Unit

11.15 am: physical education and outdoor play

12.15 am: lunch

1.15 pm: afternoon nap

3.00 pm: afternoon snack

3.20 pm: Closing circle and IEYC activities;

4.00 pm: free play indoors or outdoors and pick up 􀀯me

6.00 pm: school closes

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+359 879 403 677

Address: 20, Akademik Hristo Hristov Str., Dragalevtsi, Sofia 1415

Monday – Friday:
08:00 AM – 06:00 PM

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    *ATTENDANCE PLAN: 5 full days5 mornings (LLB and BBB only)



    *What language(s) is /are spoken at home?

    *Does your child speak English?

    *Does father speak English?

    *Does mother speak English?

    Have you already visited ICCC?

    If yes, when did you visit? If not, are you able to visit and when?

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    HEALTH: Please indicate any medical concern of which the centre should be aware of (allergies, illness, medication, etc.)

    How did you hear about ICCC?

    ICCC Membership is annual and is paid in full for the school year in attendance (September – June). Attendance in July and August is optional. When a child joins after the start of the school year the fee is calculated proportionally. There is no discount for longer absences for holidays or other reasons.

    ICCC is open 12 months a year between the hours of 8.00a.m. to 18.00p.m.. While all care and attention will be given to safeguard the children during these hours, the Center will not be responsible for any injury caused beyond the control of staff. No responsibility will be taken outside working hours.

    ICCC admits children based on space availability and age. Priority is given to siblings, English native speakers and expat families.


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