• Speciality: Teacher assistant

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Gergana Popova, or as children call her Miss Geri, is an artist and graphic designer. She is currently studying Education Science at Sofia University. Before joining ICCC she taught art classes to young children and students. Since 2014 Miss Geri has been delighted to share her creativity and artist skills with ICCC’s students.

She loves story time, when she gets to do all the voices and be silly, and also playing outside, just kicking a ball around or playing tag with children. Being a teacher, the pure connection and relationship with children challenges Miss Geri to be a better person and better communicator.

As a team player she likes planning ahead with her colleagues what learning will take place in the classroom and outside. She values the spirit of respect, sharing and the daily learning from each other in ICCC's teacher team.

Her favorite author is Erich Kastner. What she likes about his books is the insight into a child`s world that is both heartwarming and eye-opening, and the way the author tells hard truths with humor. Even though the books are from a century ago, she finds the stories are relevant and meaning in today's world.