Who we are

Welcome to Sofia’s First Fully English Speaking International Kindergarten

The International Children’s Creativity Center (ICCC) Sofia is an English pre-school for children from 20 months to 6 years. We offer half-time and full-time care throughout the year.

ICCC has a truly international community with children from many cultures, nationalities and languages.  At ICCC we speak only in English and children who are not native speakers acquire the language naturally as part of their pre-school journey.

ICCC was set up 25 years ago, in 1997, by parents from the international community. Since then it remains the premier international English pre-school in Sofia and is the first choice for many expat and local families. The school is governed by a Board of Parents and has a not-for-profit status.

What we do

Quality learning experience

Preschool-age children learn best in environments where they can have secure relationships with caring and responsive adults, where they feel safe and free to explore and learn about the world.

We respect each child’s pace of learning and character. We believe that children are competent from an early age and should be encouraged to be independent and take initiative in their own learning. We empower children to make decisions, solve problems and develop critical thinking skills. We support children to grow a curious mind and a life-long love for learning.

At ICCC we  make learning exciting and fun. In our teaching we are guided by our core curriculum The International Early Years Curriculum, supplemented by special literacy programs like Jolly Phonics and Abacus, science classes, arts and sports activities. We spend time to walk in nature and explore the natural world.

With a rich mix of cultures, languages and nationalities at school, we encourage children to respect each other and value differences and become responsible citizens. 

Why choose us

Green location

Our location at the foothills of the mountain means we have the advantage of clean air, beautiful surrounding and plenty of opportunities to encourage healthy life style and appreciation for nature and the environment.

Not-for-profit status

ICCC is set up as an association of parents run by an elected Board of Parents and professional Director. Parents, through their elected representatives on the Board, are responsible for key policy decisions. This ensures the needs of children are always the key driving force in the running of the school.

Social events for parents

Our school welcomes expat families, international families settled in Sofia and local families who are internationally minded. This creates a vibrant community and long lasting friendships. To help each family feel welcome, we organize school events such as Welcome BBQ at the start of the school year, Winter Holiday Party, Learning Celebration Day, parent project days, as well as parent nights out and coffee mornings.

Healthy snacks and Lunch

We offer healthy morning and afternoon snacks for all children, and lunch for those on our catering list. In the morning there is a variety of fresh seasonal – bananas, apples, pears,  grapes, cherries, melon, water melon, peach, orange and tangerines. In the afternoon snack includes yoghurt and musli, cous cous or pancakes with cheese and honey, cheese sandwiches, fruit muffins or oat buscuits. Our catered lunch menu includes a delicious soup and a meat or vegetarian main course. You can check out the monthly menu on this page https://iccf-bg.com/lunch-menu/.


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