• Speciality: Director
  • Email: office@iccf-bg.com
  • Phone: +359 879 403 677

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Snezhana Daneva is a Director in ICCC since September 2010. After a diverse career at the British Council in Bulgaria and in the UK, she gained experience in teaching, marketing and client relations as well as cultural diplomacy and regional project management.
Snezhana has MA in English and American Studies from Sofia University, Management Certificate and Diploma from Open University, UK.
Another key point is the time she became a mother. Afterward her keen interest in early years education provided boost to dive deep in children's development by joining ICCC

Snezhana consider that children are born competent to learn from their first day, and adults should only play a supportive role and nurture their natural curiosity about the world around.
Each nursery, pre-school or kindergarten should be a place where children feel loved and supported. Where they feel free to discover the wonders of nature and the man-made world, to learn and make mistakes. Where they enjoy long hours of play. Where they grow socially and develop relationships with other kids and adults. The role of teachers is to provide opportunities and guide children. When treated with love and respect children become healthy, loving and respectful individuals, and good citizens.
As a director, Snezhana sees her role as helping children, their families and the staff feel safe, happy and confident. Working devotedly with teachers, parents and children to make sure ICCC remains a place where these values and children’s interests are always top priority.

Her favorite children's book authors are Julia Donaldson, Valerie Thomas, Eric Carle, David Shannon, Anna Dewdney and many more.